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By collecting cell phones, your organization or non-profit organization can raise funds for your cause. The non-profit community knows very well that there are always budget changes and cutbacks. Collecting cell phones WILL offset your financial budget losses and generate revenue for your agency. Many organizations, from churches to scouts to schools use cellular fundraising to supplement various programs. With fundraising, all phones have a value and nothing goes to waste, you are paid for every single phone that you send in. Cell phones received from fundraisers carry values as high as $150 per phone. In addition, according to the IRS the donor may receive a tax deduction for donating the cell phones. The great thing about fundraising is that there is nothing to sell, no money to collect and no deliveries to make. You collect phones, send them to Desert Wireless Recycling and collect a check. Its as simple as 1-2-3. When you participate in a fundraiser, you help your cause and the environment.

As with all other projects, you will get out of a fundraiser just what you put into it. Set realistic expectations and follow through. A good way to gather high value phones is to place young adults and teenagers in charge of collecting. They are the front line to the changing market and know where to get the higher value late model phones. For more information, please click here to email us.


In some states, California for example, cellular resellers are required by law to accept cell phones as trade ins. We could all learn from and follow the example of California. By collecting cell phones and selling them to Desert Wireless Recycling, you are helping your community, protecting your environment and making extra income for your business. Would you throw away a $10 or $20 bill? By not taking advantage of a recycling program you are doing just that. For more information, please click here to email us.

Scrap Recycling

We offer a program for distributors, retailers and manufacturers to capitalize on overstock and unwanted cellular handsets, PDAs and boards. This program offers a flat rate per pound for unwanted inventory. For more information, please click here to email us.

Community Responsibility

Desert Wireless, will, at no charge provide working cellular phones for 911 uses. If you are in need of cell phones for 911 use, please contact our community response team at 352-624-2253.

Asset Recovery

We can tailor a program for you to take advantage of your trade ins and overstock inventory. This asset recover program is based on a per unit price by model. For information, please click here to email us.

Cell Phone Price List

Because we pay for so many models and our prices are adjusted with the market each week we do not publish it to the website. For a comprehensive price list, please click here to email us..