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About Desert Wireless Recycling

Desert Wireless Recycling, headquartered in Ocala, Florida, was formed to serve the everchanging needs of the wireless industry. The goal of Desert Wireless Recycling is to provide cellular phones, batteries and accessories to the wireless community with professionalism, courtesy and integrity. With over 13 years combined experience, we know that we can tailor a program to suit your needs. We are committed to the environment and the community and will work to preserve both.

We believe that the needs of the customers and vendors are the number one priority and we will strive with every transaction to maintain your business because we know that you have a choice. We thoroughly monitor the wireless market on a regular basis to bring the best price and value to each transaction.

The wireless industry has revolutionized and connected the world that we live in. Over 1.5 billon people own a wireless device of some kind and can communicate in ways never before dreamed of! But, this growth of technology has brought on an environmental concern. According to INFORM, INC. there was a total of 500 million wireless devices were retired in 2005. That means that 250,000 tons of unwanted wireless devices could potentially wind up in a landfill. The problem is that these devices contain toxins including lead, which can damage the central nervous system, mercury, which can cause brain damage, and arsenic. Unless we can prevent this and implement recycling solutions our home planet will be poisoned.

Desert Wireless has innovative programs to assist in the effort to keep these phones out of the landfills and get them into the hands of people that can use them.